Ramadan pointers

I haven’t been posting over the past few days because of the time limitations and being occupied with the final few days of Ramadan.

I came across a facebook post on five things on facebook friend loves about Ramadan, being in the spiritual mindset, I’d thought I would share these points as well, its like what one friend said to me earlier in the week ‘In the month of Ramadan the impossible becomes possible.’

  • The heightened feeling of spirituality- everything just seems so much calmer- must try continue to avoid saying negative things as well as the habit of reading a bit of Quran each night, something my late Nan in-law taught me, may she rest in peace 🙂

  • Breaking the fast with friends and family- so great to meet up with everyone, having time off work this year has meant some amazing iftaars! Thanks to eveyone who invited us round and to all who came round to ours! Will have to make more of an effort to meet up for dinner once Ramadan ends

  • The sense of will power and achievement- nothing like going without food and water for nearly 17 hours a day for a month to make you realise what you’re capable of! Hmmm…should really stop making excuses & go running or swimming regularly….

  • The night prayers- there is something magical about standing for taraweeh in a mosque full of people and praying together for your future, loved ones, those you’ve lost and the less fortunate. Need to try and go to the mosque more.

  • Reflecting and thinking- not getting preoccupied with the 9-5 routine and to enjoy and make the most of life and the time with have with those around us.
  • Interesting points mentioned above, lets hope for all who observed Ramadan, they can take some food for thought.

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