Book review: ‘We Don’t do God’ by John Burton and Eileen McCabe

Currently I’m at the beginning of reading Tony Blair’s The Journey, however a few months ago I came across the book We Don’t Do God by Tony Blair’s election agent John Burton and author Eileen McCabe. As Alistair Campbell once said “We don’t do God,” the irony was that his boss Tony Blair was a man who had a passion for faith and religion. We don’t Do God is a good comprehensive study of Blair’s belief and how it shaped his years before, during and after his Premjership. John Burton provides an insight even though it was bias towards Blair, but Eileen McCabe uses Blair’s statements, events and initiatives and sees how much religious beliefs played a part. Tony Blair was a man of deep religious conviction, this book merely highlights that and shows that one can be religious and enter public life.  However, as I was reading this book it was seen as a precursor to rehabilitate Blair for his decisions to invade Iraq, but it did give a small insight on how faith shaped politics.

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