Thandie Newton and crowd speak out

Amnesty International have been campaigning for a full impartial enquiry into the Gaza Offensive carried out by Israel in December 2008. In recent weeks and months many faces from celebrity, sport and music are speaking out against the occupation of Gaza and with the Flotilla incident in May 2010, world opinion is changing towards more of a mainstream measure of action.  The Trades Union Congress has voted to continue its boycott of Israeli goods from West Bank settlements and strengthen its links with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Amnesty International have stepped up their campaign by Terry Jones, Annie Lennox, Thandie Newton, Alexei Sayle, Mike Figgis, Katharine Hamnett and Jason Flemyng, voicing their support for Amnesty International’s ongoing efforts to secure justice for both Palestinians and Israelis and make an impassioned plea for Israel to cease its illegal siege of Gaza. It’s a step in the right direction, the situation in the Middle East is slowly becoming a mainstream cause with initiatives like this.

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