Poppy Burning, stoning and anything else to create tension

Today it was Armistice Day in the UK where the fallen in all wars were remembered, I’m not somebody who is renowned for Jingoism, as a matter of fact I like Jon Snow refuse to wear a poppy just for the sake of wearing one. But it did sadden me when 35 protesters allegedly from the group Muslim Against Crusaders, dressed in dark clothes and with many masking their faces, carried banners and chanted slogans such as “British soldiers: terrorists”. Of course as expected around a handful of the friends, otherwise known as the English Defence League also turned up to have a decent knuckle fight, but were separated by the Police.

This cat-and – mouse game between these two groups are the source of tension in terms of community relations. The authorities need to take a stance on this and use the law where possible to ensure hatred is censured. When individuals like Gareth Compton call for the journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown to be stoned to death is then arrested for his comments on Twitter, the maxim should be used across the board.

It seems there is a loop-hole in the race hate laws, lets not let the few manipulate it for their means. The racist chants by the EDL and the Muslim Against Crusaders should be dealt with firmly.

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