Date in Doha

Its been a week in the Qatari capital of Doha as I start my work at the Aljazeera Network as an online producer for the web. I haven’t met that many Qatari’s as it seems there are more Indians, Pakistani and Bangladeshi workers as in reality Doha is one giant construction site .

Birmingham is twice the size of Doha, even though I haven’t heard any Brummie accents, I can categorically state that Birmingham is no Doha. One can feel there is a future in Doha as one of the world’s upcoming cities especially with the rate of development of buildings, businesses, compounds and entertainment venues. Everyday I have seen a new building site which wasn’t setup in the morning.

The highlight so far of my week has to be the daily date picking chores outside the AL Jazeera Offices, this does beat conkers or even cooking apple picking, at least I don’t have to wear five layers of clothing, gloves and a hat during the autumn days.

Dates in Doha