The hatred for the ‘other’ is now towards ‘our own’.

A picture of Breivik taken from his manifesto posted just a few hours before he went on a killing spree in Norway

Europe’s worst terrorist activity in modern times, young innocent lives lost who were the future of the liberal society of Norway who embraced the values of tolerance, respect and understanding.

A man who’s convictions led him to hate and then kill the very society he was part of, has shook the foundations of the Scandinavian society which was shown to be a model to the rest of Europe.

The 32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik cites his hatred for ‘Cultural Marxists and multicultural apologists for his rationale to set of a bomb that killed eight people and also gun down 84 innocent people in a spree which lasted 90 minutes. Breivik intended to “radically change Norwegian society” with his attacks. Breivik, who is still alleged to have carried out the attacks, wanted to give a “warning” to the ruling Labour Party that “doomsday would be imminent,” said Geir Lippestad, Breivik’s lawyer.

Now say for example Breivik had converted to Islam and he’s rationale for mass-murder was directed by his conviction of a greater Jihad and his hatred from everything the West stood for, then the US security experts, the UK terrorist advisors and European sociologists all would have concluded that Islam has a problem with Europe.

The usual mouthpiece of right-tabloid analysis in the UK jumped straight into the bandwagon by proclaiming the attack was an “al-Qaeda” delivering Norway’s own 9/11. Even the much ‘loved’ Quilliam Foundation known for their analysis of anyone aspiring to have an Islamic tendency could be a possible extremist must have considered booking the first flight to Oslo to deliver a crash course of de-radicalisation.

As Inayet Bunglawala noted on his blogsite, the Quilliam Foundation tweeted on the Friday night of the attacks “@ThankUAndGnite We also cover far-right extremism but in our opinion Oslo is probably a jihadist attack. Do u disagree?”

The irony is that theories of a Somali cell in Norway, a possible Norwegian revert or even a European Jihadi cell starting the next wave of attacks in middle ranking cities across the continent were all explored.

But as the capture and arrest of a blonde blue eyed Nordic white supremacist these experts haven’t managed to digest and conclude what the causes were. Surely the Quilliam Foundation should offer courses on de-radicalisation of White, blue-eyed Aryans. Europe’s threat.

Equate terror with Europe and one would assume it would be a Muslim clad in a robe proclaiming Jihad slogans, but according to the European Union, Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2010, out of 294 foiled, executed or successful terror plots in Europe, only the solitary figure of one was connected to a Muslim plot. The vast majority of the attacks were carried out by separatist groups such as the Basque ETA. The one Muslim attack (which should be condemned) is the same number of attacks was committed by the Comite d’Action Viticole, a French groups that wanted to stop the importation of foreign wine.

Al Jazeera’s Dorothy Parvaz in her article titled “Blaming Muslims” was told by Ibrahim Hooper from the American Civil Liberties Group, CAIR, and “unless it has been committed by a Muslim, it’s not terrorism. If a non-Muslim commits an act of terrorism, they don’t call him a terrorist. They say he was ‘a madman.’” But how can someone who has been labelled as a madman when his rhetoric of the world ending is in the same league as a paid up member of Al-Qaeda, as after all they both have the ultimate aim of destroying the other.

Anders Behring Breivik, Timothy McVeigh Mohammed Siddique Khan and Baruch Goldstein all share the same rotten ideal that destroys society. But as blue eyed blonde Scandinavians aren’t being held to account, or being asked to hold peace vigils and put out adverts in the national broadsheets, so one can see why liberal organisations, academics and Muslim groups are crying foul play.

Exerted pressure now needs to be made to make Europe stand up to the rise of far-right extremism. The English Defence League in the UK are courting publicity with their monthly tours across the county, the French right-wing party of Le-Pen are making preparations for the 2012 French presidential elections – these are just two of many right-wing organisations creating small inroads within their society.

Right-wing extremism is the poison which could show its ugly face across Europe, the act by Breivik has turned him into a martyr for some right-wing neo-Nazi groups who will put his status up there with Hitler and Milosevic.

Rather than use this moment to assess why it wasn’t a Muslim this time, we should reflect on why there is a rise of this hatred not just towards the other, but to our own.