Mubarak ‘I’m still standing,’ but for how long?

Egyptians out in full force united against Mubarak

So Hosni has decided to stick it out for a few months in Egypt rather than take the first flight to Tel Aviv or Riyadh. One of my friend’s wrote on Facebook “Mubarak sounds like a mosque committee member, next he’ll be telling us he is one of the bricks of Egypt.”

The entire Arab world is living in the fear of the unknown as the situation in Cairo between Mubarak and a million people can change with who blinks first.

Many people believed Hosni Mubarak was to use his speech to signal the end, but he;s decided to stay until September and preside over reforms and a transition. His speech however could be seen on many fronts:

  1. He is biding time and strengthening his position and then cracking down on all dissidents.
  2. He genuinely will preside over a transitional moment and Egypt will choose their new leader and parliament through ‘One Man, One Vote.’
  3. He’s ensuring he will stay until the end, give in to many of the demands such as rule of law and democracy. But he along with his political elite will ensure that the top man is from the army, loyal towards Arab Nationalism and Secularism, firmly in line with Israeli policy vis-a-vis Hamas and Palestine in general, and thus continue the Mubarak doctrine.

It’s all down to the young people of Egypt to determine their future, they can either fizzle away or continue their momentum. One thing for certain is that the Muslim Brotherhood who are the largest unofficial opposition in Egypt are sitting back and watching events, if Egypt is successful in ousting Mubarak then if a universal election takes place then they’ll have much to gain, but at this moment “this is not an Islamist movement but a movement of people,” as one Brotherhood member had stated.

Overall the unrest of Egypt is over the lack of food, jobs and prosperity, sadly for some they want the world to see this unrest connected to an agenda against Israel and the West and their interests

Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian makes some valid points on this futile fear of what may happen in Egypt.  The world needs to allow any nation to determine their future and it seems the Egyptians will continue to press Mubarak and his cronies to leave Egypt and quite possibly herald a new beginning created by Egyptians for Egyptians.