Daily Mail blames foreigners for driving with phone – but why?


As Ian Marchant who wrote on Facebook earlier today: “This is the cover of today’s Daily Mail. I think we all agree that using your mobile while driving is mental. But this is classic Mail stuff. A Polish lorry driver, we photograph 17 foreign drivers, etc.I suspect that you could just as well have taken similar photos of British drivers in the same period. But no. I realise that the guy who was convicted this week was Polish. I don’t deny that. But surely the problem is mobile phones, not ‘foreign-ness. And so the drip-drip-drip of hate goes on.”

Few pointers from me based on a messaging perspective:

1. The article and headline highlights subtle racist overtones which state that only foreign drivers use their phones whilst driving.

2. Daily Mail are taking the debate on step forward in their rhetoric. They’ve ALWAYS attacked foreigners, but in this case they’re attacking foreigners who are  doing something wrong which is demonstrating that something which white British Middle Class people don’t do (in other words use their phone and drive).

3. Rather than look at the symptom of the problem, the story is stating that foreigners who come to our country don’t abide by OUR rules.

4. Of course the “law must be toughened” is in their narrative, but again it is directed towards immigrants and foreigners, rather than the wider populace at large. The Daily Mail is always on tune with tough law and order but the law in their eyes is to protect little England from foreigners who ’cause these problems’.